Our team of alteration specialists are very professional and have over 40 years of experience combined.

They are unwavering and committed to our clients to provide the absolute best alteration combined with an equally pleasing experience. It is important to have adequate time for your alterations. Many gowns need at least some kind of alteration. Allowing two to three months from the time of your first fitting to the last is an ideal timeline to do alterations.  The amount of times you needs to go for fitting depends on how much you’re getting done to the gown. On average most brides will have 2 to 3 fittings.

The first fitting is generally an hour. Brides typically need 3 fittings to sculpt the gown to the body and ensure the proper fit. At the first fitting the bride will meet with one of our seasoned seamstress and continue to meet with the same seamstress until the gown is finished. The gown usually starts taking shape when the seamstress starts pinning and tucking the fabric and sculpting it to the body.

You should bring your undergarments and shoes to your fittings as well.  Undergarments and shoes are very important in your fitting in order to obtain the proper fit and length of your gown.  If you don’t have the exact shoe you will be wearing something similar in height so you avoid tripping over your dress on your wedding day. At the second fitting, the bride should have a better idea of how the gown will fit and tweaking is usually done to make sure the gown fits flawlessly.

At your last and final fitting, you should a relative or a friend to accompany you. Your maid of honor or the person assigned to helping you need to also be there so she can learn how to create and bustle your gown.


Custom changes and enhancements are available and consist of, adding and removing straps/sleeves lowering or changing necklines, lowering back of gowns, and adding belts etc)



Specialized Gown Service and Gown Preservation Care

Your wedding gown is an everlasting memory. 

In order to keep it treasured and ensure a memory that will last a lifetime.

It is necessary to have your gown professionally cleaned and preserved. 

Process includes removing spots, fixing and tightening all loose beads, cleaning and preserving gown.

 Easy professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation makes sure your bridal gown looks good for a life time.

Our unique offer makes saving your memories easy and affordable. 

Allow 6-10 weeks delivery. 

Gown returns in a window box displaying your beautiful gown.

Remember stains on delicate fabrics become more damaging and set in over time.

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